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We provide a spectrum of sedation services to best fit your needs. Our anesthetics include airway protection with a ligated sponge and or a flexible LMA (laryngeal mask airway) to protect the airway from foreign substances such as water, blood, tooth particles and dental materials while ensuring oxygen delivery to the lungs. You can take comfort in knowing our highly- trained anesthesiologist will continuously monitor you throughout the case.  


You can take comfort in knowing that with having rendered over 10,000 uneventful anesthetics; we have the experience necessary to provide a safe anesthetic that is tailored both to your needs and that of the dental surgeon.
Dr. Seifikar is involved in lecturing and provides continuing education on topics of general anesthesia, IV sedation and office based medical emergencies. He holds certifications as instructors in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).


Anesthetics in the comfort of the dental office is convenient for both the patient and the dentist. Your appointment times are easily scheduled with no new procedures to follow.  There is no need to show up 3 hours prior to your surgery just to check in and wait with in-office anesthesia. Your dentist along with his or her staff have the luxury of performing your surgery where they are most familiar and where the equipment needed is readily available to them.


Anesthesia in a dental office setting is a fraction of the cost when compared to hospitals and surgery centers. This is largely due to a facility fee, which can approach $5,000 in some facilities. It is important to mention that this facility fee does not cover the anesthesiologist’s fees or other miscellaneous charges. At Dental Anesthesia Specialists, there are no facility fees, drug charges or other incidentals. You simply pay for your anesthesia.

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